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Presk: Babou (Something Happening Somewhere)

Pieter Willems’ as Presk starts off with “Babou,” equipped with a straight up distorted kick and a brassy synth lead, stark and to the point. Its syncopated open fifths give it a mid-00s vibe to me, but its punchy rhythm section feels more rooted in early techno nostalgia, a nice splitting of the difference with a crisp sense of space that would lend it to contemporary dancefloors with its anthemic refrain.

There are nods to second and third wave Detroit in breezy pads and synth leads, particularly the the Carl Craig drive of “Sink Shift,” accented with dubby, filtered chords.

He continues the trend on “Gomero,” with a weirdly infectious organ hook and chunky snare slap to it, but I prefer the denser groove of the Single Point Edge remix, which is built largely around a disembodied vocal synth that stutters in time with its mid-tempo kick and airy pads. All four cuts are solid, likely to appeal to both techno and tech house fans with some tight production working in their favor.

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