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Erdbeerschnitzel: The Ample Waters (Delsin)

Erdbeerschitzel made a lasting impression on me with his last Delsin release, the Cushion EP. With The Ample Waters, he strikes gold yet again, perhaps even more so. “The Ample Waters” runs long, over eight minutes, with an infectious, squirmy, taut disco feel about it. Its tempo is quick, but its sonic palette is aimed at lower fidelity house music, with synth marcato strings and a jaunty sing-song lead that carries the track.

This track alone is well worth the price of admission, but thankfully he continues to shine across the remaining three cuts, too. “Never Tilt” is a slower groove by comparison, with a chunkier drum track, some wise use of cowbell, and loungy electric piano chords. It goes down smooth, a nice complement to the bouncy clip of the first cut. “With Level Hopes” is another tightly crafted, strident techy house track, with a little bit of lo-fi dustiness to it that lends it a different spirit than comparable tunes from his contemporary Lone. The bassline is funky as hell, a nice filtered low end that channels vintage disco in the best possible way. Rounding out the EP is a languid R&B jam called “Yet Unfulfilled” which struts leisurely alongside a warped, manipulated vocal and chunky midrange chords. But what then of the surprising Autechre-esque epilogue at the tail end?

What an odd and yet somehow perfect way to end this set of transmissions. All four cuts are worthwhile and especially work well together as a whole. Erdbeerschnitzel is a talent to keep an eye and ear on — more, please! 

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