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Dapayk Solo: Break Thing (Mo’s Ferry Productions)

“Break Thing” is misleading at first, because it starts off as a pretty minimal looper of a vocal sample and drums, and it seems like when its snarling bassline kicks in that it’s fully bloomed. However, patient listeners are in for a treat, because about halfway through it expands into something much bigger and more fully formed. It’s refreshing to hear Dapayk flirting with EDM trends and sounds but turning them on their side and appealing to the more minimal sensibility and technical precision he’s honed over the years.

On the flip is the buoyant “Oobax,” with its alternately stabby and elastic bassline that works to great effect. Its got a little extra swagger in its stride, putting the house in tech house, even if the precision of Dapayk’s technique pushes it more toward techno. It’s tight as hell on both tracks, another strong showing. 

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