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Myler: Gorilla Biscuits (Pennyroyal)

Untold’s label keeps up the quality control with this bangin, crunchy techno 3-tracker from Dean Myler. The lead title track is a galloping techno track with a distorted edge to its drum tracks, giving it a little extra bite.

The “Shortbread Edit” is even ruder, with a hard plunging bass kick and angular, abrasive patterns, like late 90s Beltram at his hardest put through a meat grinder. Both tracks are great, nice complements to one another, yet each still fierce in its own right. “Carol Vorderman” turns up the distortion even more, bordering on gabba in tone if not for its more patient techno tempo. I have no idea who Carol is, but she sounds pretty mean to me. Highly recommended for those into the coarser side of leftfield techno, with a bit of an industrial edge and a taste for rhythm and noise.

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