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Moskitoo: “Mint Mitosis” (Mitosis, 12k)

When I heard Moskitoo’s Mitosis album last year, I’ll admit that it didn’t really grab me at first. In hindsight, listening to her album again recently, I’m wondering if it wasn’t just my own baggage I brought to the table. 12k has evolved considerably since the more austere days of their inception, and Moskitoo only expands on the more organic leanings of other recent releases, including some material by 12k owner Taylor Deupree himself.

I find the delicate pop confections of Moskitoo to be not unlike that of early Múm or the earliest wave of acts on Morr Music. The sound is fragile, almost toylike, with characterized by her light, airy voice and a sweetness that is only just a taste away from saccharine. But at times I find myself enjoying her blend of sounds quite a lot, like on this track, probably my favorite one of all.