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Blacksmif: 23 Waist (PTN)

“23 Waist” is an oddly infectious house jam, combining elements of American house history with current UK trends. It sounds right at home on Ramp’s PTN imprint, which focuses more directly on the housier side of their roster. It’s really all about the mutant vocal that loops overhead, barely in sync with the music at times, all pitched down and cut apart into words and phrases while a jaunty house piano riff does its thing.

It’s by far the main attraction here for mixing purposes, but the other tracks are quite good as well, even as they shift focus considerably. “Swimming With Jack Lumber” is bouncier and built around a 2-step and house rhythm hybrid and a jubilant square bassline. “Effectivmarkt” is jazzier still, with a delicate vibe lead that adds a bit of elegance to the proceedings, busy with staggered breaks and more of a garage flavor.

Each track feels distinctly different, but each one is tight in its own way, enough variety to keep things interesting without sounding so scattered that it lacks focus.

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