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FIS: Homologous (Void Comms)

Olly Peryman’s latest as FIS feels like an odd skimming off the topmost surface of drum & bass and dubstep; sort of like the lingering effect of perfume after someone leaves a room or space. Each of the three tracks (including “Homologous 01.5,” an interlude between the two other main cuts) has references to the effects trail and decay of dub with some of the nervous energy and syncopation of drum & bass, but none of the obvious tropes. For example, there is no frenetic breakbeat loop, no DJ-friendly mixing, no hook or even a bassline. Instead these are almost abstractions of genre ephemera, still rhythmic and full of life but having mutated somewhat far from the inspirational source. Rather than tucking neatly under any particular genre, these uneasy tracks exist in the outskirts. I especially like the rhythmic stutter “refrain” of sorts of “Homologous 02,” an oddly infectious anti-groove. A similar sort of phenomenon occurs in the A-side, “Homologous 01,” which has more of a shiver to it with lots of attack and decay on its whooshing effects line-up. I like this one for its willingness to eschew convention and opt for something more surprising, less obvious. Well worth a listen.

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