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Cid Rim: Mute City (LuckyMe)

This EP from Clemens Bacher is the first I’ve heard his music, a delightful blend of IDM, electro, and downtempo grooves with a healthy infusion of nerd funk. Opening track “Fade” recalls the lively spirit of DMX Krew with its funky rhythm section and goofy portamento synth lead. But it’s not all silliness; “Extended Ranges,” the last track, is a gorgeous, beatless postscript to this engaging collection of tracks. “Animus:Anima” tempers its playful melody and pizzicato phrases with a bold downtempo groove that’s all snares and crashes. “Red Ocean” is somewhat of the odd man out here, with its slower tempo and huge drums, but it’s my favorite with its buzzing, electric chords and big, bright sound. With only five tracks, it’s a concise nugget of quality jams from start to finish, really infectious stuff.

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