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Velvit: Nudge / The Act (Electric Minds)

Velvit is the leaner, meaner alias of Darren White. He’s perhaps better known as dBridge, having released dozens of singles under that moniker. The ruder sounds of these two cuts recall the sounds of acts like Blawan or Randomer, with a more punchy and physical sound that is still quite accessible but more aggressive. The smooth chords of “Nudge” complement its sharp, bright drums well, giving it a tinge of house flavor amidst the otherwise almost EBM arrangement. On the flipside is “The Act,” which shares the same bright snares but with a little more balance between its rhythm section and layers of other sounds. Dubby chords, unusual snippets of sound, and a bulbous bass synth flesh it out with some nice depth. Each track works well on its own but is also well-crafted for use in DJ sets. White’s use of sharp room reverb on his bright snares adds a pretty distinct personality to these tracks that makes me want to hear more.

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