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XXXY: Got Me So (Rinse)

The latest EP from Rupert Taylor features three excellent 90s-tinged house jams. None is stronger or weaker than the others, but each is undeniably infectious. The title cut sets the tone perfectly with its melancholic groove, a nice strident house track with a bouncy bassline and looping, disembodied vocal samples. “Get Ready” is even more 90s throwback, reminding me of vintage David Morales mixes, again revolving largely around repetitive vocal samples (“How I wish I could turn back”), and “Studio 9 (Just Like That)” continues the trend. Perhaps it’s an odd reference, but I’m reminded of the trackiness of Pet Shop Boys’ Relentless album, back when the Boys had their finger on the pulse of dance music much more. It’s that quintessentially 90s sound that makes Got Me So so damn lovable — it’s definitely more straightforward than some of the 2-step and bass music influenced sounds that I’ve come across on some of his previous singles, but there’s a really nice purity to these three cuts that, pardon the pun, has got me so.

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