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Jimmy Edgar: Sex Drive Remixes (Hotflush Recordings)

Three remixes of this cut from Edgar’s last album Majenta, turning the chunky electro original into more dancefloor-ready techno crossovers. Jon Convex contributes two remixes, a regular mix and then a dub mix. Both are very similar with the exception of the vocal which is more sparse on the dub. Convex’s main mix is my favorite here; he turns Edgar’s original tune into a really sleek night drive, with a nice four-to-the-floor sensibility and a great hook. Its heightened sense of urgency reinforces Edgar’s Ballardian lyrical concept and content. John Talabot turns out a remix that’s far more lush and takes it time with a slower stride, building gradually over the span of its nine minutes but never fully delivering on the sensual tension he establishes. It’s this build-up that makes it compelling, though, with a full-bodied arrangement of piano, synths and a patient, broken beat that never caves in to the temptation to thrown down. All three are great new takes on an already fun original, each remixer lending his own distinct personality.

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