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Matthew Mercer: “Total Eclipse of the Art”

I decided that the icy drones of “Backsliding” weren’t quite enough and overhauled the entire thing into a new track. This one is more lively and bright, more aligned with the summer weather outside.

I took the final export of “Backsliding” into ReCycle, arbitrarily drew in a bunch of manual slice points, then threw it into Dr. OctoRex in Reason and started playing with stuttered 1/16th triggers of those slices (which were mostly quite long otherwise). Everything else is done with synths, including all of the percussion, except for a couple things: a high tremolo string (digital instrument) and gated guitar feedback (also a built-in digital instrument).

Hope you enjoy it! Please re-post and help get the word out as I hopefully continue on a trajectory to creating new original music.