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Jon Convex: Lied To Be Loved (3024)

Jon Convex is joined by dBridge as guest vocalist on this threesome of techy house grooves, released on Martyn’s 3024 imprint. Much like Martyn’s recent output, these tracks crossover between UK bass music and house and techno effortlessly, with gestures and sounds from all combined.  "Lied To Be Loved" is fiercely melancholy, with a punchy repetitive groove dBridge’s gloomy vocals. It would sound downright morose if it weren’t for the tightly wound backing track Convex crafted as an accompaniment. “Zero” is ruder, with a rousing tempo and punchy kick/snare combo that leads the way. Vocal samples and groans are peppered throughout the track, giving it an extra bit of bite. “Stay” rounds it out by splitting the difference, again quite upbeat but with more of a smoothness in its synth chords and repetitive vocal samples. A bright, plucky synth lead is a handsome counterpoint to the Detroit bassline that courses through much of the track. It’s a great cross-section of sounds, each track with its own strengths, versatile for different styles of mixing.

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