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Jeff Derringer: Passenger EP (Perc Trax)

I’ve been writing up a bunch of releases from Perc Trax recently. What can I say? Perc has impeccable taste when it comes to techno and electronic dance music. This release from Jeff Derringer is no exception. It includes two originals backed with remixes of each by Japanese producer Iori. Each of Derringer’s originals are sleek and seductive, but crisp enough to make you move. “Passenger” would sound right at home next to just about anything on Sandwell District, with a repetitive tone delayed over a bass kick that staggers every 4th beat. “The Trail Of Your Blood In The Show” is more obvious, with an urgent series of chord stabs over an otherwise impeccably crafted techno track. Iori’s remixes are more subtle and nuanced. He keeps many of Derringer’s ideas and gestures in tact, but they all feel slightly diffused, underwater almost. His remix of “The Passenger” is my preference of the two, especially when it evolves to include some nice airy synth pads overhead, lending it a distinctly different vibe from Derringer’s dark, resonant original.

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