31 May 2012

Dubplate Dionysus: Upcoming Legendary (SoundCloud)

Category is: Origins – Dubplate Dionysus was an idea formed in 2012 by friends Fred Royster, a graphic designer by day, remixer/producer by night and Matt Keppel, lyricist/vocalist of electronic pop act Microfilm.

Category is: Inspiration – The duo had an idea to celebrate the dancefloor ecstasy of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s era of Chicago House, freestyle, and electrofunk all within the structure of a dancefloor-ready pop act.

Category is: Icon – The culture of balls and vogueing have a heavy influence on the band’s debut single, “Upcoming Legendary.” The film Paris is Burning is celebrated in their song for its iconic stature. With an extended remix, dub mix, and exclusive B-Side, the Upcoming Legendary EP (released at the end of May for FREE on Bandcamp and Soundcloud) is also a true tribute to late ‘80s 12” single culture.

Category is: Release – Upcoming Legendary is the first in a series of singles coming out later in 2012 and moving in to 2013. A debut album is also in the writing and planning stages.

Category is: Pollinate – Help spread the word about Dubplate Dionysus and their music. You will be rewarded with good dancefloor karma.

Download the Upcoming Legendary EP for free on SoundCloud!




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