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John Tejada & Justin Maxwell: Our Gigantic Mistake (Palette)

John Tejada once again teams up with Justin Maxwell on this 3-track EP on Tejada’s own Palette imprint. The title track is a lot of fun, a rousing melodic track that falls in a grey area between tried-n-true electro and melodic IDM. It’s got a nice crisp 808 kit augmented by a noodly portamento lead and some strange chorus effects; it all adds up to a quirky but sunny personality that I can’t get enough of. “Whoops (There It Is)” is a tad darker, a nice no-nonsense booty shaker with a repetitive 303 bassline and a punchy drum track; it recalls some of the more driving tracks from Drexciya in his heyday. “Where’s the Cable?” falls closer in line with the duo’s last collaboration (last year’s Not This, But That on Trapez) as a nice minimal techno crossover, no less handsome but perhaps less surprising and therefore my least favorite of the bunch. That’s not saying much, though, because their quality control is quite high overall, and this EP is no exception.

Buy it: Boomkat | Bleep | iTunes

I couldn’t locate any SoundCloud or YouTube links… preview it on Bleep