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Kyoka: Ish (Raster-Noton)

Nice, heavy-handed set of noisy techno-esque electronic tracks here from Japanese artist Kyoka, produced by Frank Bretschneider… the channel effects are crazy on opener “Hadue,” with the sound gated between left and right to cause strange shifts in sound continuously. Odd synocopation choices keep you guessing but it’s got enough momentum to keep you moving. Atom™ takes his masterful hand at a remix that follows immediately after, streamlining it and focusing on a more reliable groove with some tinges of acid and a clatter that sounds vaguely Wax Trax to me (but with 2012 production values). It’s probably the highlight of this EP, never letting up over the span of 9+ minutes until it suddenly stops with a resounding BOOM. The other originals are quite impressive — lots of editing and snippets of vocals, cascading effects, sampled percussion, crazy sequencing… none of it quite aligns with any trends or genre. It’s not surprising that they called in Uwe Schmidt to do a remix as I hear a good resemblance to some of his more scatterbrained aliases (Naturalist, Los Samplers), in spirit more than in actual sound of course. Very cool stuff, it’s nice to hear Raster-Noton and  mainstay Bretschneider exploring more playful territory to complement their more staid, serious repertoire.

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