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The Caretaker: Extra Patience (After Sebald) (Bandcamp)

Another gloomy, hazy set of dreamy ephemera from Leland Kirby (aka V/VM)…. much like his other recent releases under the Caretaker alias, many of these pieces are rooted in piano balladry, all filtered through a detached reverb that gives it an added layer of age and mystery. Because these were created as part of his score to the documentary Patience (After Sebald), there is an odd resolve to the way it unfolds, with themes recurring and unifying across its short 25 minutes. Much like a dream, these themes (mostly derived from a Franz Schubert piano piece, “Winterreise”) fade in and out of one another, feeling more like one long, nebulous vision. There’s more of a pronounced elegance to this batch of tracks than his earlier work under the moniker, but Kirby’s been moving steadily in that direction across all of his output in the last many years. Highly recommended and available for a limited time for free on Bandcamp as a companion to the full Patience (After Sebald) soundtrack.

Listen and download for free: Bandcamp