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Black Devil Disco Club Presents Bernard Fevre: Max Stroke/Bamboo Disco (Fresh Up)

Ed DMX’s Fresh Up label recently released this split between Bernard Fevre (aka Black Devil Disco Club) and Tokyo-based Yellow Peril Disco Group. “Max Stroke” is a frantic, short piece of noodly portamento synth horns and skittering, pitch-bent hihats, once again coming off vintage in a way that’s completely beguiling. As with most Fevre productions, it’s hard to tell whether this was made in the 70s or last year; presumably all made on old gear, his music always sounds both dated and timeless in a really unique way. (Fresh Up confirms that this is a vintage track from 1975.) That said, it’s the tippy-tapness of it that is most charming, with a weird synth jazz-hands quality. On the flipside, “Bamboo Disco” is much more staid, with its conventional synthy disco template. Punchy snares and vocoder hooks make it more of a sure thing with dancefloors; it’d slide up nicely next to the Flirts, Giorgio Moroder’s synthiest tracks, or, dare I say it, DMX Krew’s more infectious moments.

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