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Schleppstigg: Up In The Weeds (Areal)

It’s been a while since I’ve checked out new material on Areal, and I’m glad I did in this case. I know nothing about Schleppstigg, but this track is totally ace, nice and moody but not without enough momentum to keep a floor moving. The delicate staccato guitar line that creeps into the mix is the icing on the cake, adding an added edge. Kalabrese turns out a house rework of the original, with a steadier house/clap kit and a spruced up electric piano. It’s less moody than Schleppstigg’s original, but it sounds more fleshed out, less ghostly. Benjamin Brunn and Move D contribute the other mix, and while I don’t really like it as a take on the original when comparing them, its sense of humor and spirit work. But Schleppstigg’s original is the real star here — it’s worth the cost of entry for that alone.

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