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Gonno: Acdse #2 (International Feel)

Gonno is surname of Japanese producer Sunao Gonno, and I mostly picked up this EP for the deep, techy remix by Skudge. But what a pleasant surprise that his originals really shine on their own and are in many ways more likable than Skudge’s minimal workout. The original track is a sunny, vibrant slice if acid-infused braindance, reminding me of the more exuberant material on Rephlex or perhaps µ-Ziq’s classic tracks from the Bluff Limbo era. It takes its time over the span of eleven minutes with modulated patterns and acid squiggles. A remix from Gatto Fritto (a.k.a. Ben Williams of Hungry Ghost) pushes it even more into that mid 90s braindance category with a looming bassline and joyous arp lines. Skudge of course takes it in a completely other direction with their stripped down techno mix, sounding not unlike a lot of their other material — but they are quite adept at their sound, and this remix is no exception. Dark, deep and minimal, sort of the solar eclipse to Gonno’s original sunny take. The B-sides are also a nice addition, with “Turn to Light” serving as a beatless, effects-drenched guitar interlude and “Made From Muddy Water” (a digital bonus track) complementing the radiance of “Acdse #2” quite nicely. As a first impression for me, it’s a solid one — I definitely want to hear more.

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Gonno – ACDise #2 by International Feel