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Bloodman: Remote Viewing / Deep Fish (DECA Rhythm)

This rousing 2-tracker single from Bloodman on Orphan101’s label DECA Rhythm is well worth a listen. Its two cuts are substantially different, with A-side “Remote Viewing” being a broken-beat burner fueled by vibrating synths and spoken samples. It moves at a pretty good and aggressive clip and would work well with most uptempo (140bpm or so) DJ sets. B-side “Deep Fish” pulls back a bit and is a tad slower and way more laid back moodwise, with airy synths and more of a garage-meets-electro influence on the rhythm tracks. It has much more of a musical lightness than the A-side, making it my favorite of the two, but they complement each other fairly well.

Buy it: Boomkat | iTunes | Bleep

Remote Viewing – Bloodman by Bloodman