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ReSketch & Submerse: Get Away (L2S)

Another handsome effort from future garage & 2-step producers ReSketch and Submerse. It doesn’t quite match the success of their previous collaboration, “Only,” but it comes close. “Get Away” is a jaunty 2-step number characterized again by cut up, looping vocal pieces, layered in and around swooning strings and piano arrangements. It’s clearly a stab at recapturing the glory of “Only,” one that comes close but doesn’t trump that track. B-side “2Nite” finds Submerse working solo with a full-on uptempo jam — about halfway through, it really clicks into place with a 4-to-the-floor kick that fully complements its smooth pads and wailing diva vocal (pitched up and manipulated just enough to make it fun and not annoying to me). It’s good summery fun, as good for daytime joyriding as it is for a sweaty, dark dancefloor.

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