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Fairmont: Velora (Border Community)

Canadian producer Jake Fairley revives his Fairmont project with a fantastic new 4-track EP on the UK Border Community label. His releases as Fairmont have varied from more beatless melodic tracks (particularly in its earliest days on Traum) to more infectious neo-trance anthems like the Gazebo 12" for Border Community a few years ago. Velora rivals his finest moments with 4 gorgeous new tracks, all of which fight for the spotlight. The title track is a woozy looper with Fairley’s vocal supplying a cyclical refrain over wobbling pads and repetitive arpeggios, dripping in reverb. It showcases his song leanings, but it’s perhaps overshadowed by “Cannon,” my personal favorite of the bunch. It’s 8 minutes of bliss, full of falling synth tones, rousing arps, and another vocal from Fairley. It’s one of my favorite productions of his to date, really stellar as both at-home listening and capable of really moving a dancefloor. The other two cuts are instrumental, but just as fine. “Vanguard” is the most up-tempo of the bunch, slightly more aggressive and capable of crossing over into an italo-disco or electro set, but the biggest surprise is probably “Ununoctium” which is largely beatless until halfway through when hihats are introduced. Its broken bass pattern gives it a chuggier groove that breaks away from the rest of the release in a nice way, fitting in still with the rest of the release. It’s another strong one from Border Community, tying in well with the label’s overall sensibility without compromising the details that make this music unique.

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