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Lando Kal: Further (Hotflush Recordings)

This two-tracker by Antaeus Roy (also known as one half of Lazer Sword) focuses on uptempo future garage and house crossover tunes. The tempo of “Further” clocks in probably around 140 bpm, a good clip faster than most house tracks, but its four-to-the-floor kick lends it a crossover appeal nonetheless. It’s led by a repetitive vocal hook but it’s the crazy squiggly bassline that drops into place that makes it for me. On the flipside is “Time Out,” which skitters around an equally uptempo broken half-beat, before diving headlong into a 4/4 kick with loads of effects and samples fading in and out of earshot. Both tracks are solid, and it makes sense in Hotflush’s discography, serving that grey area between techno, house, dubstep, 2-step and garage.

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