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Egyptrixx: Bible Eyes (Night Slugs)

David Psutka unveils a new mammoth of a full-length under his Egyptrixx moniker after flirting with listeners via a handful of singles and comp appearances. His sound has always neatly straddled the line between dubstep, funky, techno and electrohouse, and he continues to explore the interplay between these sounds on Bible Eyes over the span of ten meaty tracks. While many of the tracks build on what I can only call his “sproingy” approach to dance music, at times Psutka reveals a more melodic, sweeter side. “Naples” is one of the finer such moments, with a repetitious chord sequence that is as sunny as it is danceable. “Chrysalis Records,” recorded with Trust, is a nice pop gem tucked in the front half of the album, a healthy counterpoint to the downright trackiness of the rest of the album. It’s a balancing act that many electronic artists seem to struggle with, maintaining interest over the course of a full-length album while staying true to the tracky roots that often make their one-offs and singles compelling. “Recital” (in two installments) is a really nice combination of these elements, combining a DJ-friendly 4/4 kick, epic synth pads and punchy sounds to cross over from dubstep into house and techno territory. Overall Bible Eyes is a really solid amalgamation of dancefloor trends, headphone listening and the occasional juicy pop hook, recommended.

Watch/listen: Chrysalis Records

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