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Marco Bernardi: Ist Das EP (Dirty Planet)

Strong, streamlined techno-electro crossover tracks from Glasgow producer Bernardi make this a good one for DJs. The A1 includes vocals by Keith Tucker (Aux 88), which is not very much to my liking unfortunately. The other three tracks make up for it in spades, however, especially the A2 remix of “Giro” by Exium, which takes the electro original (found at the end of the EP) and beefs it up into a nice, chunky slab of prime techno. This is the cut that is found on Surgeon’s recent Fabric mix (which tipped me off to look for this release), really hefty stuff. “Msry” is another persistent techno track that works well on its own but also has a high degree of utility for mixing purposes. It’s a good combo of mixing potential and quality production for at-home listening, my favorite kind of techno.

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