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Phochos: Glaciers (Creme Organisation)

This two-tracker starts off with a totally lovely chill-out track. “Glaciers” lives up to its name with an elegant, dreamy quality that’s as patient as it is beautiful. It stays true to Creme Organisation’s italo roots in its arrangement for synths, but it floats far off to the side of the average dancefloor. Dutch italo heavyweight Legowelt contributes a remix of Phochos’ track “Interface Phase 1” on the B-side and shifts the sound into a more DJ-friendly dance format. It retains the airy lightness of sound found in “Glaciers,” though, despite having a propulsive kick and tinges of italo disco; there is a good amount of restraint on Legowelt’s part when compared with some of his more full-on solo material. It’s a handsome record, one that seems strangely appropriate on wintry Portland grey days.

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