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Aerea Negrot: All I Wanna Do (BPitch Control)

A weird one even by BPitch’s more outlandish standards, this EP collects a few originals from Hercules & Love Affair’s collaborator Aerea Negrot alongside some remixes courtesy of Tobias and Efdemin. It brings to mind some of the stuff BPitch explored in the early 00s during its exciting flirtations with electroclash, with oddball 12"s from Alex Amoon, Nora Below and Sylvie Marks all hitting shelves. Like those, this record is dancefloor-compatible, but it might appeal more to more adventurous DJs. Negrot’s vocals are equal parts operatic, spoken and muppet (when you hear it you’ll understand), layered with effects and delay. The title cut is distilled into a more acid house-inspired dub as “Sing (All I Wanna Do), but I’m partial to the goofy drama of "Hair,” the weirdest of the bunch. Tobias turns out a remix of “Hair” that is more immediate and mix-friendly, but despite having some additional punch, it lacks some of the quirky appeal of the original. The most unexpected collaboration here is Efdemin’s remix of the title cut. He manipulates the vocals even more and integrates them with his signature smooth dubby tech house style. There’s something magnetic about these tracks, even at their goofiest, that makes me return again and again. It’s certainly one of the more unique records I’ve heard from BPitch in the last few years, and that counts for something.

Listen/watch: All I Wanna Do (Efdemin Remix)

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