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Gultskra Artikler: Galaktika (Other Electricities)

The alias of Russian composer Alexey Devyanin, Gultskra Artikler produces electronic music that is often without specific genre ties. There is a certain element of free-folk in its execution, with tinges of musique concrete, ambient and more. Some of its stranger sonic juxtapositions bring to mind the scattered ingenuity of Coil, but Galaktika in particular has an especially cosmic slant. Its opening track is heavenly — a swirl of timestretched voices and drones that point upward. “Solnce” has the ebb and flow of a Stars of the Lid track, but with a similarly affected layering of vocal samples. There’s something simultaneously alien and extremely familiar about the track. Many of these tracks swirl around you in a haze, with occasional moments of clarity. The arpeggiated synth that closes out “Saturn” is almost startling after the shimmering drones that precede it, and the decaying chords that close out “Niti” just barely come into focus. Others, however, such as “Sputnik,” point more toward the deep abyss of space, eschewing much musicality for a dense layer of drones. Galaktika is not a long album, clocking in around 35 minutes. But somehow that duration seems appropriate, not overstaying its welcome, providing just enough of an foray into the deep space of Gultskra Artikler’s world.

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