14 March 2017

Gunver Ryberg / Aïsha Devi / Rrose / Paula Temple: Decon/Recon #2
(Noise Manifesto)

artist in this release approaches their creative energy particularly
connected towards a more shamanistic mindset.

When you listen
to the progression of their music, it feels like the physical and
mental realms we accept as reality and function within are being
stripped away. Maybe that is weird to say about underground dance
music, but I find the journeys each of these artists take you on are
very exciting in how they affect you.” — Paula Temple

In Noise Manifesto’s
Decon/Recon series, each release’s contributors produce a track using
source material from the other three artists, with no specific credit
given on any given track. It’s an interesting idea, and it does allow
one to hear its components’ voices and sounds as equal rather than
hunting and pecking for what’s sourced vs. unique sound. I’ll confess
that I was not familiar with SØS Gunver Ryberg prior to this one,
but I can hear the other contributors’ respective voices (both
creatively and literally) across all of these, and the listing of
their names seems to suggest a rough sequence as well.

“DR2-1” is
characterized by machine gun drumming, a deep sense of atmosphere,
and, eventually, a rousing kick that recalls some of Rrose’s
repertoire. Rrose’s minimal tenacity comes through clearest, though,
on “DR2-3,” brimming with electricity and anchored a steady, dry
techno kick. Aïsha Devi’s fluttering voice comes through clearest on
“DR2-4,” with big, cavernous reverb on her voice and a lurching
halfbeat that would make Muslimgauze proud. I also quite like the
cinematic scale of “DR2-2,” with soaring drones of feedback over
gloomy pads and a staccato, fidgety rhythm section. The marriage of
sensibilities across the board is finely balanced, with various
artists’ styles coming through in different quantities but netting
out as a fully collaborative effort just as intended. Highly

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