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Brothers: Immersion (Ilian Tape)

and Marco Zenker have been steadily releasing EPs for a few years
now, and Immersion marks their first full-length album transmission.
All ten of its tracks are new and exclusive to the album, and I’ve
found Immersion plays best as a listen from start to finish. When put
to the task of finding something special in each of its tracks, I
come up short on words, because the tracks themselves are actually
fairly straightforward when scrutinized one at a time. The production
is not always crystal clear, considering the dense over-compressed
mids of “Ebbman” as an example, but the Zenkers’ world feels
fully formed and somehow all works as a series of complements.

crinkly writhe of “Aisel,” punctuated with synth stabs, recalls
Dettmann at his most beguiling, but it’s lo-fi texture is the only
real common thread with “Phing,” whose swagger feels more
familiar amidst an infectious refrain of sorts. The Zenkers walk that
fine line between purely rhythmic trackiness and something catchier,
and patient ears are rewarded with subtle songs that evolve as they
unfold. The sublime reverberated pitch-shifting that hovers over
“Innef Runs” is oddly infectious but best appreciated as it
gradually emerges through the percussive clatter. The mid-tempo break
of “TSV WB” feels like somewhat of a 90s throwback, but it’s
punchy enough to hold its own amidst the rest of these cuts, just as
“High Club” has the throb of late 90s Tresor tracks but feels
perfectly at home with its grimy companions here. It’s a really
strong showing, doing what all techno full-lengths should aspire to
—delivering solid cuts while harnessing the full potential of a
longer running time to take listeners on a journey. Highly

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