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Ear Influxion’s Favorite Albums of 2015: #11-20

11. MATRiXXMAN: Homesick (Ghostly) Read our review
12. Duane Pitre: Electric Bayou (Important) Read our review
13. Anna Von Hausswolff: The Miraculous (City Slang/Other Music)
14. Metamatics: Instamatic (XTT) Read our review
15. Nick Höppner: Folk (Ostgut-Ton)
16. Visionist: Safe (Pan) Read our review
18. Dasha Rush: Sleepstep: Sonar Poems for my Sleepless Friends (Raster-Noton) Read our review
19. Black Dog: Neither/Neither (Dust Science) Read our review
20. The Fear Ratio: Refuge of a Twisted Soul (Skam)