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J-T Kyrke: “Horizon” (Horizon, ART 2014)

Brit James Kyrke has been quietly releasing records for years now, but this is
my first acquaintance with his music. My curiosity was piqued by his
inclusion on ART, after beng moved by recent tracks by The Third Man
on the same label. The aesthetic of very melodic, sequential, clean
techno is one that I’m a sucker for nearly every time, falling in
line with the legacy of artists like label boss Kirk Degiorgio or
Aril Brikha but with some of the anthemic enthusiasm of vintage Legowelt or Bolz Bolz. All three cuts are equally driving and momentous,
working well as a suite that reinforce one another rather than
necessarily provide a complement. As such all three are equally
qualified contenders for the ‘floor as well as good headphones