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Shlocky (Berceuse Heroique)

latest 12” comes courtesy of the French imprint Berceuse Heroique,
and it carries the torch of his past path of acid-tinged beatmaking
and industrial grooves. I often consider Beneath’s tracks alongside
another leftfield electronic artist (both of whom have released on
Pan, incidentally), Mesh, in the sense that each borrows liberally from past conventions and sounds but manages to push
further into the outskirts with sonic left turns and unusual timbres.
“50 / 50” begins like dubstep in outer space, punchy, spacious
kicks and big reverb and open space before its needling acid lines
reveal themselves, at first quietly and then insistently propelling
the track forward. Other elements make themselves known by the time
each track unfolds more fully, but acid and rhythm are the main
attractions here.

Beneath’s sensibility feels relatively distinct,
much like that of his contemporary Blawan, though without the same
four-to-the-floor immediacy. “Freeze” feels more akin to the
post-dubstep techno that surrounds the circles in which Beneath runs,
with a bulbous UK funky bassline and detuned leads, but “Soho”
turns the sound back toward that sawtooth 303 grind again, scattered
with rims and kicks that syncopate around its atmospheres and acid
patterns. “Future Shock” has all of the bite of vintage
scientific drum & bass but with a more syncopated and patient
rhythm section. Its layered drumming and ominous synths make it
perhaps the most robust of the foursome, but each of the four tracks
works well to comprise the rough and tumble whole of Shlocky.

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