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Blond:ish: Endless Games (Kompakt)

Essential listening from Kompakt, with this latest single from one of their more solid yet lower profile (or so it’s seemed to me) acts, Blond:ish. That’s about to change as they prepare to release their first full-length album on the label, with this being their first single as a teaser. “Endless Games” perfectly nails melancholic dancefloor music, rousing enough to move the body but with a wistfulness that moves the heart. The original drips with reverb on its tiny piano flourishes and airy, ambiguous vocal that recalls Jamie Irrepressible at his most beguiling: “Knock me to the ground / Drink me up and break me down.” The production is thick with atmosphere but mixed with clarity and precision, elevating it to sit comfortably alongside some of Kompakt’s best material of the last ten years.

Patric Bäumel contributes two remixes that are a generous bonus. His more minimal techno take on the material emphasizes a nice, punchy kick and bass combo that allows the more ethereal elements to shine without sacrificing any dancefloor immediacy. His dub mix eschews most of the vocal and instead emphasizes his own nice extra sequencing patterns. It’s just as moody as his other mix, but a nice complement in its more instrumental arrangement. Highly recommended.

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