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Bodhi: Polysizer EP (Rinse)

Bodhi turns out 4 reliable tracks that cross over effortlessly between house music and more bass music sounds in the mix, with a throbbing, thick droning bass synth and swirling, disembodied vocal fragments, completing the bridge between UK funky and something a little leaner and more streamlined. It’s more subtle than the wordless vocal hook of “DP7” which feels a lot more 90s in flavor to my ears, with organ stabs and active, rollicking syncopation.

It’s lively for peak time on the dancefloor, while the ensuing “Haute” begins with a nice, full-bodied combo of filtered house piano and strings, recalling some of the warm and dusty grooves of the 100% Silk camp. It hangs out between these worlds — the more straightforward house sound and something a little punchier and cruder — for the duration, but it’s a soaring diva vocal over the top (“I don’t know why I love you”) that kicks it into prime floor-moving material. It appears in both a vocal original and then a dub mix that only barely touches on the vocal, depending what DJs are looking for. Fans of that grey convergence point of house, techno, funky, and bass music will likely enjoy Bodhi’s tracks here, but it’s the housier takes on “Haute” that are my personal favorites.

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