1 July 2015

Now available: Microfilm’s 1,000,000 Neon Hz

Portland, Ore. electronic duo Microfilm present 1,000,000 Neon Hz, a collection of ten dancefloor-centric tracks. All beats, no ballads.

Less cerebral and lush than 2013’s AggroPastels, this new release has a cleaner, harder, and sharper sound. It’s a more physical, visceral experience overall; speakers over headphones, Neon over Pastels.

With vocal help from fiery soul singer April Brown and icy Black Box Recorder (now solo) vocalist Sarah Nixey, Microfilm glide through their own blend of acid, tech house, big club hooks, and minimal techno.

But now… less talk, more lasers.
Turn it up. Play LOUD.  

  1. If You’re Waiting For That Kiss (You’ll Be Waiting For The Rest Of Your Life) (feat. April Brown)
  2. Magic Cryptology
  3. Neon Headrush
  4. Black Narcissus (feat. Sarah Nixey)
  5. Alchemy Always
  6. Thermodynamic
  7. Hz So Good (feat. Sarah Nixey)
  8. The Missing Of Summer Dawns
  9. Blood Diamonds On Bengal Tigers
  10. Unreliable Narrator

Available now on Bandcamp and iTunes!

Microfilm is Matthew Mercer (electronics) and Matt Keppel (vocals). Formed in Chicago in 2006, the duo now reside and create in Portland, Ore. 1,000,000 Neon Hz is the band’s fourth studio album in a nine-year career of multiple EPs, singles, compilations, remixes (Roísín Murphy, Ladytron, among others), covers, solo work, and soundtrack contributions.




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