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Juzer: Horseplay (The Corner)

Juzer is the collaborative project between Beau Wanzer and Dan Jugle. The two clearly show off their love of vintage hard techno with this foursome of tightly wound bangers. “Couch Mover” has all of the bite of vintage Beltram or Surgeon, stripped down and bone dry with a distorted kick pounding away. “Horseplay” is more aggressive yet, with a slightly faster clip and an equally oppressive bass kick. The whole mix feels heavy on the mids, like they recorded to tape to give it even more of a 90s throwback feeling.

“Short Round” is focused around a punchy kick and a distorted snare, pounding away in unison most of the time, pure muscular utility for a banging dancefloor. They slow it down a bit for “Temple II,” a dense parade of claps, rims, and toms grounded by a wonky bassline that somehow fits perfectly. This is one definitely aimed at techno heads, but Wanzer and Jugle nail it with a rough around the edges approach to techno’s most pure tenets.

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