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Bodyjack: Bodyjack EP (Bodyjack)
Bodyjack: Brock Out EP (Unknown to the Unknown)

The first on the self-titled 2-tracker from Chris Finke shares the name of his project, and so one might consider it a mission statement. It’s no nonsense jackin techno of the highest caliber, every element in its right place, sounding timeless and hot, biting from the formulas and history of the past and putting a tightly crafted kinetic spin on it.

The B-side, “I Wanna Be,” is rougher around the edges, with a hard donk bassline and a rough and tumble broken rhythm pattern, splitting the difference between sweaty hard house and current bass and footwork music trends.

“Brock Out” is similarly punchy and fun, with a rousing refrain sample I haven’t heard since the old Wax Trax! days, “Somebody give the lord a hand clap.” The track is all snares and toms, with enough swagger to not take itself too seriously. “That’s What She Said” continues the party with an insistent snare and kick in unison. Midway through, samples, goofy flanging, and classic bleep sounds liven up the mix, pushing forward headlong with an eye on the dancefloor. It channels all of the most fun aspects of early to mid-90s techno all at once. DJ Haus’s remix of it is peppered with extra vocal snippets while a wobbling attack bassline undulates under its spry arrangement. Fans of 90s house will totally love all of this stuff — nostalgic, loyal, and well-done.

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