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House of Jezebel: Back in DogTown USA (Voyage Direct)

Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt revives his House of Jezebel project with a new two-track EP for Tom Trago’s Voyage Direct Series for Rush Hour. For me it’s his strongest showing in a very long time. For whatever reason, my interest in his Legowelt records waned over the years, despite some of his early 00s 12"s being my favorite of the whole Dutch electro and italo revival scene.

Each of these tracks fuses Wolfers’ signature style of repetitious patternmaking with a slick nod to 2nd wave Detroit techno in its use of clean synth sounds and airy pads. “Back in DogTown USA” shows off some fairly classic Legowelt acid squiggles in its arrangement, but the production feels cleaner, lighter, clearer. “I Took a Train in 1976,” on the flip, is a jaunty nod to early techno and house with its clear, repetitious organ line and flanged strings that recall some of the more soaring vintage tracks by Model 500. Great stuff!

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