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“The Moog and Me” (Dick Hyman, 1969)

While riding the elevator to my hotel room in NYC last week, I heard this whistling tune and it completely captivated me. Something about it just made me smile. The song was “The Moog and Me,” interpreted by its composer, celebrated jazz musician Richard “Dick” Hyman. A classically trained pianist best known for his versatility with jazz piano styles, Dick Hyman has over 100 albums recorded under his own name and many more in support of other artists. With a solid foundation as a serious musician – functioning as composer, arranger, conductor and pianist for theatre, TV and film (most notably for many Woody Allen movies) – in the 1960s Hyman began to experiment with electronic music. He recorded a series of innovative pop albums using a Moog synthesizer, including MOOG: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman, from which this track is taken. And so begins my quest for discovering more of his music…