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Sensorama: “Star Escalator” (Schaffelfieber, Kompakt 2000)

Roman Flügel and Jörn Wuttke first caught my attention as Sensorama with this lovely little sparkler from Kompakt’s of-the-moment Schaffelfieber compilation in 2000. That was toward the beginning of Kompakt releasing music on CD, and I was ravenous for more after hearing Total 1 and the Profan-issued Köln Kompakt compilation. The first edition of Schaffelfieber is far superior, in my opinion, but it also illuminated the trend for me for the first time. In addition to this track, the album shows off shufflebeat tracks by T.Raumschmiere (one of my first introductions to him, along with Total 1), Sascha Funke, Bolz Bolz, and label owner Wolfgang Voigt in a variety of guises (Doppel, Freiland, M:I:5).