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Asonat: Rather Interesting (n5MD)

Fannar Ásgrímsson (Plastik Joy) and Jónas Thór Guðmundsson (Ruxpin) comprise the Icelandic duo of Asonat, and Rather Interesting is their latest expression of their cool, sunny electronic pop. The pace of most of the tracks on Rather Interesting is leisurely and strident, not hurried but still with some spring in the step. The EP showcases three new tracks alongside two remixes (one of a new track, one of an older one), a bit of a taster for their second full-length album due out later in 2014. “Rather Interesting” is infectious with an earnest vocal that brings to mind Björk in its melodic cadence (though not at all in timbre), a track that feels both uplifting and aspirational.

“Before It Was” is probably shows off the most ethereal pop sheen of the bunch, reminding me a bit of Locust’s dreamier moments, while “Prague” is more straightforward and instrumental, having as much in common with Balaeric disco as it does with chillwave. Asonat tend to craft a handsome groove that’s both sunny and accessible without feeling cheesy. Leon Somov’s remix of “Rather Interesting” is a fantastic hybrid of those worlds, bridging the gap between the sunny dream-pop of the original and really slick synth-pop tailored for the dancefloor. I Am Dive closes out the release with a stunning halfbeat shimmery remix of “Forgotten,” originally released on Asonat’s previous album, Love In Times of Repetition. Recommended for fans of chillwave and IDM crossover electronic pop, including the likes of Telefon Tel Aviv, Apparat, Tycho, and M83.

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