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Terekke: YYYYYYYYYY (L.I.E.S.)

Terekke, a.k.a. Matt Gardner, presents three deeeeeep techno cuts that are likely to appeal to anyone into the dub end of the spectrum. “Bank 3” has the deep undulating pulse of DeepChord paired with some filtered house claps and details, all rolling along at a mid-tempo clip with a vibe that recalls turn of the century Mille Plateaux tech house or something more organic. “Piano” turns down the filter even more, with its kick tweaked into a muted throb while a thick sine bass holds steady. It’s like pressing your ear to the wall when a dance party is happening next door, all of the pulse of the music without any of the high-end or detail, instead just this really infectious pulse to which you can’t help but bob along.

“Amaze” slows things down a few notches more, dripping with dubby delay and reverb, trickling chords and pads given equal prominence along a cyclical layer of surface hiss. Soulful vocal samples liven it up, bridging the divide between a sample-heavy act like Burial and something more sublime like vintage Pole but with some added dancefloor umph. Very cool stuff, definitely recommended for the later hours on a pair of good headphones.

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