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Thomas Brinkmann: Guy Martin (Third Ear Recordings)

Thomas Brinkmann is one of my original techno heroes. His Ester Brinkmann debut and his “women” records (each with a different woman’s name) were highly inspiring and influential when I first got turned onto minimal techno in the late 90s. Even though I haven’t liked everything he’s done, he’s a genuinely interesting musical chameleon. Between an album entirely inspired by others’ poetry, another based around field recordings of Tokyo, an EP focused around car samples, and his Soul Center house project which spawned three full-length albums, Brinkmann is a restless spirit whose creativity is inspiring to me even when it doesn’t always hit the spot. “TT” is the standout here with its funky-as-hell organ riff and fat bassline, a definite dancefloor winner. The odd syncopation and phrasing of its rhythm section and chords undeniably sport Brinkmann’s touch, sounding simultaneously claustrophobic and larger than life when juxtaposed with its distorted organ riff and vocal snippets. In sharp contrast, “On Edge” chugs with sampled guitar riffs, an abrasive counterpoint to the more elegant downtempo swagger of “Blackhill.” It’s a mixed bag, but I like all three cuts quite a bit, particularly the infectious hook of “TT.”

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