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Grown Folk: The Boat / Keep Few Near (Icee Hot)

I really don’t know much at all about Grown Folk, but after stumbling onto one of these tracks I knew I had to have it. The originals are buoyant, patient tech house tracks that go down easy. Each track features glimmering melodies and crisp, understated house kits, accentuated by vocal snippets and samples in ways that are more atmospheric than anthemic. “Keep Few Near” is probably my personal favorite with its layered lushness and whispered vocal sort-of-refrain. The two originals are backed up against two very different remixes. “The Boat” gets a much more techno retooling by Gerd, functional but largely devoid of the personality that defines the original. Ghosts on Tape rework “Keep New Near” into a much faster club track, throwing back to New Beat with its stabby lead and reverberated warehouse sound. Each remix is faster, more dancefloor appropriate, and functional but lacks the lushness or magic of the original, in my opinion. Definitely worth it for the two original cuts alone, though!

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