3 June 2013

Microfilm’s AggroPastels now available for pre-order!

Our new album ‘AggroPastels’ is now available for pre-order! You can purchase the 14-track album now for $9 and instantly download:

  1. “Romeo Rorschach (Pastorale Digitale),” the beautiful orchestral re-work of the single “Romeo Rorschach” by brilliant film score maestro Andrew Edwards; it’s an exclusive download to the Bandcamp release
  2. The album version of “Romeo Rorschach” (an extended version compared to the EP)
  3. “Lavender Courtesy Phone,” one of our favorite tracks from the album

The full release is tentatively set for June 25th (possibly set to change by a week) and after pre-ordering, the link to download the full LP will be sent to you on the day of the release.

We’re so excited to share this album we worked on over the last year; please share this Bandcamp pre-release page link and help spread the word. Thank you!

Pre-order and preview on Bandcamp




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