16 January 2013

Ear Influxion’s Favorite Songs of 2012

Here’s a fairly comprehensive list of all the songs that have tickled my eardrums over the span of 2012. Of course, it’s hard to narrow it down to even these 60 (!) tracks. Consider it a loose order, though my definite favorites are toward the top. While the blog focuses more on ambient, leftfield, techno and otherwise more independent electronic sounds, you’ll notice many more indie rock and pop songs in here, ranging from Grizzly Bear to Madonna (!). If you’re seeing this in your Tumblr dashboard, be sure to click on one of the hidden video icons to get a video or audio clip for every single song.

Let’s start with my very favorite:

1. “Tonight” by Saint Etienne (from Words & Music, Heavenly)
Hands down, such a wonderful pop song. And it was especially perfect listening to it on the way to see one of my favorite bands this fall: Saint Etienne!

2. “Flutes” by Hot Chip (from On Our Heads, Domino)

3. “Myth” by Beach House (from Bloom)

4. “Polaroyced” by Mouse on Mars (from Parastrophics, Monkeytown)

5. “Second Blood” by Claro Intelecto (from Reform Club, Delsin)

6. “Crystal Caverns 1991” by Lone (from Galaxy Gardens, R&S)

7. “Secret” by Clark (from Iradelphic, Warp)

8. “Puppets” by Man Without Country (from Foe, Lost Balloon / Cooperative)

9. “Sulk” by TRUST (from TRST, Arts & Crafts)

10. “Apocalypse Dreams” by Tame Impala (from Lonerism, Modular)

11. “Until Then” by Orcas (from Orcas, Morr Music)

12. “Upcoming Legendary” by Dubplate Dionysus (from Upcoming Legendary, free on Bandcamp)

13. “The Theory of Relativity” by Stars (from The North, Arts & Crafts)

14. “Fever” by Stay+ (from Fuck Christian AIDS EP)

15. “Kindred” by Burial (from Kindred, Hyperdub)

16. “Manhattan” by Cat Power (from Sun, Matador)

17. “Be Strong” by The 2 Bears (from Be Strong)

18. “Half Gate” by Grizzly Bear (from Shields, Warp)

19. “I’m Addicted” by Madonna (from MDNA, Live Nation)

20. “Fineshrine” by Purity Ring (from Shrines, 4AD)

21. “Leaving” by Pet Shop Boys (from Elysium, Parlophone)

22. “Marilyn” by Bat For Lashes (from The Haunted Man, Parlophone)

23. “Lunacy” by Swans (from The Seer, Young God)

24. “Get A Job” by Gossip (from A Joyful Noise, Columbia)

25. “Plague” by Crystal Castles (from (III), Fiction)

26. “WIXIW” by Liars (from WIXIW, Mute)

27. “Sleepless” by Andy Stott (from Luxury Problems, Modern Love)

28. “Phill 2” by KTL (from V, Editions Mego)

29. “Sex Drive (Jon Convex Remix)” by Jimmy Edgar (from Sex Drive EP, Hotflush Recordings)

30. “Crosstalk” by Assemblage 23 (from Bruise, Metropolis)

31. “Glesprin” by Geiom (from Glesprin, Frisfjo Beats)

32. “Pixel Haze” by iTAL tEK (from Nebula Dance, Planet µ)

33. “Warble Epics” by Nathan Fake (from Steam Days, Border Community)

34. “Intrusions” by Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin (from Instrumental Tourist, Software)

35. “Close” by Sun Airway (from Soft Fall, Dead Oceans)

36. “Disparate Youth” by Santigold (from Master of My Make-Believe, Downtown) 

37. “Genesis” by Grimes (from Visions, 4AD)

38. “Keep Your Shoes On” by Scissor Sisters (from Magic Hour, Polydor)

39. “Opium” by Dead Can Dance (from Anastasis, PIAS)

40. “Virus (Hudson Mohawke Peaches & Guacamol Remix)” by Björk (from Bastards, One Little Indian)

41. “Put Your Lips” by Ricardo Villalobos (from Dependent And Happy, Perlon)

42. “The Surgeon General” by Bob Ostertag (from The Surgeon General, Eaux)

43. “A1” by Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm (from Stare, Erased Tapes)

44. “NE1BUTU” by Scuba (from Personality, Hotflush Recordings)

45. “Witch Hunt” by South London Ordinance (from Witch Hunt, Teal)

46. “Single Blip” by VCMG (from Ssss, Mute)

47. “Silk Threads (Microfilm’s Silky Smooth Mix)" by Sarah Nixey (from Silk Threads EP, Black Lead)

48. "Mantasy” by Michael Mayer (from Mantasy, Kompakt)

49. “A New Brutality” by Perc (from A New Brutality EP, Perc Trax)

50. “Motif” by Teengirl Fantasy (from Motif EP, R&S)

51. “Day After” by Shed (from The Killer, Monkeytown)

52. “Get Yourself Together” by Randomer (from Scruffbox, Hemlock)

53. “Brains” by Lower Dens (from Nootropics, Ribbon)

54. “Unreal Square” by Squarepusher (from Ufabulum, Warp)

55. “Paper Frames” by John Roberts (from Paper Frames, Dial)

56. “Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit (City of Quartz Version)” by Unspecified Enemies (from Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit, Numbers)

57. “Simulation” by Roísín Murphy (from Simulation, Permanent Vacation)

58. “Bodies” by Wife (from Stoic EP, Tri Angle)

59. “Bites” by Ruskin & Broom (from Bites, Blueprint)

60. “I Want To Make This Louder” by Unbroken Dub (from Checkpoint EP, Delsin)




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