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Stay+: Fuck Christian AIDS (Ramp Recordings)

The most extensive EP by cryptic artist Stay+ is also their most musical and cohesive, after a series of one-off digital singles. The crass title references their original name (Christian AIDS) before they opted to change it. The 5 tracks herein are full of reverb and effects, lending them a different sense of depth and atmosphere from many of their contemporaries. Each is quite dense, brimming with sound, many times overcompressed and ducked with an undulating whoosh to it all. Vocals are reverberated and sometimes circular in phrases, particularly effective on “Young Luv.” The double-whammy of “Scum” and “Protection” is the apex of the release, both massive in scale, instrumental jams full of big synths. The finale is also a shimmering gem: “Fever,” a track that’s been circulating for some time now on its own, begins as an R&B-tinged downtempo space groove that explodes into a vibrant double-time anthem. Dense and vibrating, it’s an exciting collection of ideas that is surprisingly contained.

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